Kutafin University Law Review

Students   Студентам

As a Russian university, English is the non-native language of most of our students.  We have  programmes to develop English language research and writing skills, to equip students with elite level professional abilities to practice law internationally as well as learn scholarship techniques for postgraduate degrees.

We encourage students - especially those for whom English is their non-native language - to co-author articles of legal excellence with their teachers and professors.  This is part of our university philosophy and our motto - "not for school but for life".  Please contact the Editors for more details.  We will be very delighted to meet you, and offer you support to get your work published.

We also offer one year internships to two of our students - to be part of the process of publishing an academic journal.  Not only will this be an interesting addition to their student resumes, it will also equip them with skills and knowledge which will be useful in their further careers.  Please contact Charles Goddard to discuss this futher.